Have Your Pipes Checked Once a Year

Schedule routine plumbing maintenance in Sherman, IL, Springfield, IL & the Surrounding Areas

You might not think about your plumbing system until it starts to cause you problems. Garner Premier Plumbing, LLC can help you avoid these headaches with annual plumbing maintenance. Our professionals provide routine inspections of your sump pump, water heater, backflow device and the flow of your drains to make sure your plumbing works when you need it.

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Take care of your water heater

Take care of your water heater

Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home. Over time, dirt and debris start to build up in your water heater tank. Our routine water heater maintenance includes flushing out your water heater and washing out all built-up sediment. We'll also test temperature-pressure-release valves and adjust the temperature.

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